Women Safety and Women Life in India- 4lac Cases against women in a year

Women Safety and Women Life in India
Women safety situation in india.

A woman should not be so forthcoming. Women should behave politely, should talk softly, women or girls should not speak loudly, all these things women learn from their childhood. Now Let me Tell You that how Women Safety and Women Life in India is a very serious problem.

Women’s Life in India!!

Our society, actually our so-called value-based society of our country, cannot astound a woman never. Our logic is so weird, out of this world very different. There are so many examples like this, let me give you one of them. A 20-Year-old girl named GUNJAN from West Bengal was fighting for her life in hospital. Why? What was her crime? Just because she wore Jeans to College. She should know that we live in the land of customs and traditions. We can’t wear jeans to college. Such a stupid girl. I think she didn’t know that she will pay the cost of this crime by losing her life.

This is Women’s Safety in India!!

Recently, I read in a newspaper about an incident that happened in Delhi in a public place, in the afternoon i.e. a husband stabs his wife 25 times with a knife on the street. But no one came to help her, no one came to stop him, even no one to call police or ambulance, why? They thought the wife cheated on her husband or she had done everything wrong, that’s why he murdered her. But these people only when they saw a couple roaming on the road by holding their hand. Their values, traditions, and everything come in between. They will call the police, they will call their parents, even they can beat them also for their crime. So this is our value-based society, and people live in this society.

 I don’t say that this is right, or that is wrong. But we should not ignore such a heinous crime. You all react to stupid things, but you didn’t react to a crime that happens in front of your eye.

I think we have been born with hypocrisy. It’s just in our blood. If a man slaps a woman, we say what kind of man you are hitting a woman and if we saw a woman slap a man then also we say what woman of man you are, you hit by a woman., shame on you.

I know many things have been changed nowadays but something is there which can never be changed. I think this country with women is beyond my understanding. A Housewife who works for her family every day 24*7 without taking leave, but she is not working she is just a housewife. Among 6 girls a boy is a stud, among 6 boys a girl is a slut.

Societies Nature and thinking about women!!

People once thought that women were unworthy of being educated, many still believe that. Just because some women get educated, you think that men’s and women’s life are equal? They think women are born only to become housewives. What people know about being a woman? At every step, women have to answer so many questions that a man is never asked. Such as: Are my clothes decent enough? If not, then the moral character may question. If I laugh too much people may get the wrong ideas. If I work as hard as a man does. If a man works all night, they say ‘Aww poor guy’ he is doing such hard work. And If a woman works all night then they will say…All Night? Why? “Aisa bhi kon sa kam tha jo rat bhar karna para”.

Besides this, a woman thought about many things every day, that only a woman or a girl can understand. That guy who stares at me hopes he won’t harass me. In a crowd, a man can touch women anywhere he wants because they think that a woman in a public place is public property. Some men dislike the fact that women have reserved seats on the bus, but they don’t think that why this happens. It happened just because of some cheap-minded men. I want to say that don’t waste your energy by telling women or a girl what to do or what not to do, they know everything, how to walk, how to talk, whom to talk, what to wear. They learn all these things from their childhood. Men should know or learn how to behave with a girl or woman.

Every day we heard in news. An eighty-year-old, a 2-year-old, a twenty-year-old. I don’t think that any woman or girl is safe in our country and it is something we all should be ashamed of.

Not a single day goes by where you don’t hear of the news of a crime against women in India.

There are at least 5 or 6 articles that tell us about the horrific details of the various crimes.

It is extremely painful to watch the status of women’s safety In India, especially in a country where women are given to the place of the goddess. Earlier people said that a girl should not wear short dresses because of this only, these incidents happen to them. But now what will you say they don’t even leave a girl child. So men should change their thinking, their mindset, a girl shouldn’t change. Might someone saw your wife, daughter, sister, a mother with this mindset.

The list of crimes against women is quite long. Acid attack is becoming very normal in various parts of our country. India has a lot of strong acid attack survivors who are battling for their lives and trying to live a normal life. Domestic violence and honor killings are very common. 

Although the list of crimes is very long, we can take measures to ensure women’s safety in our country. First, the government must make strict laws that ensure the punishments of criminals. I think people are just not scared, people feel they can do anything to any woman to any girl and can get away with it. But if there has been rape case, then ensure that man should hanged and this should happen within six months or as soon as possible. So that this will serve as an example for other men to not commit such heinous crimes against women.

Most importantly, men must be taught to respect women from an early age. They must consider women as equal to men, so they don’t even think of harming them. When you consider something inferior, you persecute them. If this goes away, half of the crime will automatically end.

The day we stop using the phrase like “uski ijjat lut gayi” or she was raped instead of using “usne rape kiya” or he is a rapist. Some people are there who’ll never say that man could be wrong they’ll always blame women or girls. They’ll say “larki ki hee galti hogi” that’s why this happens to her. Why? Why you always blame a girl. I want to ask who wanted to be a victim? Such nonsense people with nonsense thought.

Women Safety and Women Life in India

 I remember I saw a video on YouTube 2-3 days ago that a girl who was a victim. She told her story. I can’t imagine how much courage that girl collects to tell us her painful story. She told that “I shared it so that no other girl would go with this situation. Two things she said that hurt me a lot are that boy was her best friend and second, she said that she didn’t share this incident with her parents. She was depressed but she can’t because she thought everyone will blame her only, this so-called society and people, even her parents. We should change our thinking we should understand that no one wanted to be a victim. We can never understand their feelings who go through this worst situation.

If we can’t understand their feelings, their situation, then we don’t have any right to blame them, to talk about them.

 We should support them. We should give time to them so that they don’t get depressed. It is very hard to live a normal life again for them, but we can help them to overcome this situation.

In short, crime against women is stopping the growth of our country. We must not blame women and ask them to be extra careful instead of we must ask the men to change their thinking and work to make our country the world a safer place for women. So that women can also travel at any time without any fear. At last, I wanted to say respect girl respect women, the victim could be your wife, daughter, sister, or mother.

But since this topic is about women’s safety, so I have used word ‘man’. By saying all this, I don’t mean that all men are wrong or only a man could be a criminal or rapist. The man could be a victim as well. The rapist is just a rapist, we can’t say about a particular gender.

This is Women Safety and Women Life in India.

Thank you.

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