viral affiliate marketing


You’ve probably heard about viral marketing – maybe often. …It’s just a matter of setting things up so that a promotion is taken up by other people. …Undeniably fine! That sounds like the epitome of marketing efficiency – you start it, others continue it without your making another move or paying another cent.

But has anyone given more than a handful of examples of what a business can do that’s “viral”? …And have the examples you’ve seen been pretty useless, because you’re not a mega-corporation with a brand-new viral concept to initiate?

That’s what I’ve encountered – very frustrating! (If I have to hear about the HotMail “proof” one more time, I’ll scream.) I don’t do major Web business launches at the moment, I’m into affiliate marketing.

Diagnosis: Too much definition, not enough description. Lots of talking around the subject, hardly any nitty-gritty help for the person who wants to put some feasible viral marketing strategies into effect.

First, I was interested. Then discouraged. Finally, I got kinda mad… And that makes me want to do something about it.

Affiliate marketing is a preoccupation of mine. I wanted there to be at least a few workable ways to make it viral, for both affiliates and affiliate program merchants – there had to be. I sleuthed around, and brainstormed, and learned here and there the secrets of other folks…

Indeed there are viral marketing strategies for affiliate marketers – lots of them!

I’ve put together an e-book containing all the ones I’ve found – so that you can have access to them all now. In 13 chapters, I’ve identified over 70 different tactics that can be used specifically by affiliates and affiliate merchants in 11 categories of viral marketing possibilities.

Plus, I’ve described over 40 resources one might choose to get the strategies implemented – and I tell you why I think they’re good options. (I hate it when people tell you about things you can do and then don’t even show you where to get started in your investigation of the means to do it.)

I’m building my affiliate business with a number of these techniques as you read this… And there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

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