The Carnatic Wars (1746 to 1763)

The Carnatic Wars (1746 to 1763) is the second part of British trading companies and east India company.


The Carnatic War was a series of the battle fought between the English and the French, for the control of the trading ports of India, during the years 1746 to 1763.

    These wars were driven by opportunism on all sides and though the native princes did not want to surrender their territory to an outside power, they often cooperated willingly with Europeans to strengthen their own position.

The First Carnatic War (1746 -48)

The Carnatic War was the result of Austria’s succession war that took place in 1740 between Austria and Prussia. England and France entered opposite sides in this war. Commodore Barnet, the British Naval Officer arrived in India with the troop. But the French proposed peace with the British. The Nawab of Carnatic, Anwar-ud-Din, also ordered that there should not be any war. So, commodore Barnet returned to England, but Dupleix did not keep his promise and attacked Madras and occupied it. The British complained to the Nawab. He declared war against the French. The battle took place in 1746. In this battle, Anwar-ud-Din was defeated by the French. The Austrian succession war came to an end in 1748. The power of France weakened in India also. France was forced to sign a treaty and handover Madras back to England.

The Second Carnatic War (1749 -54)

There was a war of succession between Chanda Saheb (son-in-law of dost Ali Khan) and Anwar-ud-Din, for the  Carnatic Nawabship. After the death of Nizam-ul-Mulk, the Deccan Subedar, in 1748, a war broke out between Mujaffar Jung (grandson of Nizam-ul-Mulk) and Nasir Jung (son of Nizam-ul-Mulk). The French signed a secret treaty with Muzaffar Jung and Chanda Sahib to help them with well-trained French forces. They defeated Nazir Jung and Anwar-ud-Din, the Nawab of Carnatic and gained a monopoly of trade over south India. Anwar-ud-Din died in the battle and his son Muhammad Ali ran away. On the other hand, the English plotted with Nazir Jung and defeated the French army.

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Third Carnatic War (1746 -63)

The Third Carnatic War began in 1756 between the French and the English. When the French besieged Madras, Robert Clive sent colonel Ford to occupy Northern Circars. Ford occupied Northern Circars and brought Salabat Jung (the fourth Nizam of Hyderabad) under his control. Salabat Jung gave Northern Circars to the British. A battle took place in 1760 at Wandiwash between the English and the French. The French were defeated. Pondicherry (now Puducherry) was occupied by the British. When the seven-year war ended in Europe in 1763, the Treaty of Paris was signed. As per this treaty, Pondicherry was given back to the French. Robert Clive succeeded in making a name for himself among the native princes. He won many more battles for the English and foiled Dupleix, the French General, at every turn. As a result of constant defeats, Dupleix was called back to France in disgrace.

     Eventually, the French East India Company was dissolved in 1770. The French ambition of establishing an empire in India ended and the British supremacy was firmly established.

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