Study Tips By An IAS To Achieve Your Goal.


1. Friends, if you want to achieve your goal, then the first solution is that you are not required to keep reading the book every time, only use the table chair for as long as you read. But whatever we read by sitting on it goes in our mind, do not read it at all by lying on the bed because reading it recovers something in the mind but instead, we just sleep, And we address not read.

2. Friends, whenever you are studying, always read at a quiet place from us and in the time of reading, keep the television off, radio, songs off or try to keep any kind of disturbing thing away from you, so that your attention Will be on study only.

3. One thing must be noted that while studying, your mobile should stay away from you or switch off or you can also keep it in silent mode as your mobile phone is the reason for disturbing your entire study.

4. While you are studying, you should also write the important lines, paragraphs or topics that you are writing because it is going to give you two benefits, firstly it is increasing your concentration and secondly, it will become a short note for your future. Going which is going to give you a lot of benefits going forward.

5. Whenever you read textRecitation, you should not leave it once because you can remember it now but if you forget it soon, then you must read all the text Recitation at least thrice. Those textual deeds are well remembered.

6. Today, by understanding what the children are doing, they always rote that thing, they forget it very quickly, the thing which is understood is something that we always remember. So avoid the tendency of rote and whoever studies Must brainstorm on it.

7. You must also have an extra half an hour throughout the day, in which time you must make a short note of every subject because this short note is going to give you work in the exam time, you only need to give you all once Must read the short notes of the subject.

8. Whatever you study at home or in coaching classes, do discuss it with your friends, because group discussion is very beneficial. You can do a group discussion with your brother too.

9. You must read the old question paper and on the basis of it, sort the important topic or question and write the answers and remember it well because the chances of returning the important questions are very high and you are unable to write.

10. Make sure to eat a balanced meal because overeating makes you sleepy and laziness, due to which you are not able to read, but do not eat too little because eating less food does not make you feel like reading and problems like tiredness, head cold, etc. Is

11. Make an effort to read with the help of pictures, maps, graphs, and diagrams, because with this help, you can remember the time spent reading.

12. You can take the help of the internet or computer in studies because by watching the video of the study, we are able to read more pictures in less time and it can make us remember more time because we use both our ears and eyes while watching the video. 

Note: – By studying all these things, you can get success in your life without deprivation.

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