How to make money in this lockdown.

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Income Sources in Lockdown
  • Freelancer

This is a way to make money during the lockdown. Freelancing is a part-time job of typing. This is a way in which you earn as much you want If you have a talent for fast typing.

There are many websites on which you can type the article and earn money. One of them is Upwork, this is a very famous website to earn from typing. Then you can start your earning from freelancing in this lockdown.

  • Teach Online

A lot of students are actively interested in learning online. Register yourself as an online teaching website, Upload your profile, and give your subject choice.

If you are registered as a teacher online, your earnings may be from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per hour. Then start making money online as an online tutor during this lockdown.

  • Sell your used things and collectibles

If you want to sell your used things and collectibles during this lockdown, then eBay is the best place to sell your items for a good price.

Choose the option, ‘buyer collects’ so that you can transfer your item safely to the buyer following social distancing tasks.

  • Make Masks

Medical stores and retail shops are out of stock and masks are limited these days.

Visit some sites or you can also watch some videos on youtube to learn simple ways that how to make masks and sell them to the local stores and make large money.

  • Get Creative

Many of us have a number of skills and talents. If you are good at arts and crafts, you can make some interesting things out of recycled material to sell them online.

You can also make your own Facebook page in which you can upload your items on it or also you can show your items on Pinterest to create an avenue for selling them

  • Vestige

It is the best opportunity for you in this lockdown. Now, this is a big company in which you have to change your store from which you buy your essential goods.

Only you have to buy your goods and you will have to join more and more people in this to buy his/her essential goods.

When you join more peoples and he/she buy something you get a commission from this, and more profitable thing in that You will receive commissions from all the people you add, and you will receive commissions from all those people who will add some more people.

If you want to Join vestige then contact us on 8986215890.

  • Youtube

You can also start a youtube channel. You start making videos in which you are interested and then upload it on your channel of youtube.

After getting some good views you have the option of Monetization. When you open it you get AD, you have to put those Ad in your videos.

After that when people watch your videos, then Ad will come between your videos and for those videos you will get money.

  • Online Surveys

The easiest way to earn money in lockdown is to start an online survey. In conducting an Online Survey, you will have to work for at least two to three hours.

Every survey gives you a chance to earn from 1$ to 20$, it totally depends on you that how much attention you pay on it.

By surveying online, you can earn a lot of money soon. It helps you earn a good amount of money per month in this lockdown.

If you are a good photographer then you can sale your photos on photo buyer Websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Etsy, etc. So if you are good photographer then you can sell best themes and photos and earn money a lot.

  • Become a photographer

You can also make your own website and upload your best pictures on it. Photography is a best talent for earning money.

  • Make own website

You can create your own website and make money from it. Upload blog posts, pictures etc. to your website.

You can upload posts on your experience like if you are interested in playing cricket then you can upload posts on how to play cricket, how to handle the bat, how to stand in front of the wicket, and also about the rules of cricket.

If you are interested in watching movies, web series, serials. Then you write posts on which is the best family web series that everyone can watch with his/her family, best thriller movies, best comdy movies. Then you can start your own blog and earn money.

  • Content Writing

If you are very good in English or your grammar is very good, then you can also start content writing. In this you write articles for another person.

Some people make a website but due to any reason they are unable to write articles on their website. That’s why they get someone else to write it and put it on their website.

  • Kindle eBook

Amazon Kindle is a very impressive and famous application. If you are very good in English Grammar, then you can write your own book and you can earn money from it.

Write your own book and publish your book on Amazon Kindle and reach millions of people to read your book.

Your book will be published on Amazon Kindle in about 5 minutes and will appear on Kindle stores worldwide for 24-48 hours.

  • Setup an Online Course

You can make online courses of what you are good at and you can sell it. If you know the coding well then you can make an online course of coding classes and sell it also you will sell it on your own website if you have.

If you have a very good knowledge of marketing, then you can make an online course of the same.

  • Test Websites

You can also make money by using testing the websites. You can make money a lot by adjusting a something in your website, you can also see neilpatel’s website.

He have kept all these features in his website, where you can check your website is user-friendly or not. And now you can have to set up the same feature on your website.

So that you can earn as much you want. You can see it and learn that what you can do.

If you are making a new website and you want to rank your website then you should inspire from neilpatel’s website, He have his own youtube channel also. If you have any problem then you can watch his video.

  • Sell Software

If you are good Software Engineer or good knowledge of making software, then you can made software for big companies or made simple software for small companies and sell it. You can earn money through selling of softwares.

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