How to Make Money From Blogging for Beginners?

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It would not be wrong to say that you can earn millions from blogging. Blogging changed my life forever. If you want to blog now, all you need is someone who can show you the right path and in this article, we are going to show you the same path. So let’s tell you how I started making money through blogging.

Step1: Start your Blog in Right Way

Start your blog in the right way just like a home needs a great foundation so does your blog we do this in three easy steps that are:

  • Choose the Right Blog Niche

The first question most people have when blogging is what the hell do I blog about most people end up overthinking this process. The mistake most people make is when they try to like a soul search for their passion or go on some yoga, gym and do meditation to find enlightenment and find they’re their purpose but the truth is a kind of the opposite of what you need to do because when finding your purpose or finding your passion it happens through taking action and getting feedback from the action that you’re taking. So you can start your blog about something that you either have experience in or something that you want to learn about.

  • Select Your Domain Name

The next step is to select your domain name, so the domain is another word of URL and the URL of my website home page is and this is my domain name as well. You do not have to worry about the domain name because even if the domain name is strange; it does not matter that it will rank in Google, just your posts should be good.

  • Right Hosting + Right Platform

The next thing that you have to do is to set up your blog with the right hosting in the right platform and by far the best place for you to get started is WordPress. Now I know there are some other options out there Wix and Squarespace but the problem is with those are more geared to stand-alone stagnant websites so something like a personal portfolio or a resume they’re not that great for getting continuous blog traffic coming over time to your blog and having continually updated posts they’re just not optimized for that what’s going to end up happening if you start with a Squarespace or Wix. You’re gonna end up going back to WordPress, anyway. So just start from there.

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Step2:- Make Your Blog Attractive Through Blog Design

Let’s walk through some simple steps to make your blog clean, beautiful, and Attractive :

  • Blog theme

Choose the right Blog theme for your Blog. Choosing the right theme is like choosing the right or wrong car at a used dealership. If you choose the wrong car, you’re gonna spend hours and headaches on the car breaking down and maintenance on fixing everything, it’s gonna be a constant hassle in your life if you choose the right car and you have no problems with it. Now three best free themes are flash blog, Oceanwp, and Hestia. The three best premium themes for your blog are Newspaper, Papr, and also Divi, which is an all-rounder you know. I also recommend downloading the Elementor plugin in WordPress, which is free. It helps you to edit your website or blog with drag-and-drop features.

Step3:- Create The Content People Need

Now it’s time to answer million dollar question of “what should I write about”, well this a rather simple answer if your goal is to make money. You need to create the content that other people are searching for on the internet. Every day millions of people type in searches in Google, YouTube, Pinterest. When looking for videos, articles, and blog posts, trying to solve their problem. If you’re able to serve that content to them the best and get to the top of those search engines, well, it’s very easy to make money online.

  • Keyword Research

Now you’ve to do keyword research, there are many tools on the internet to see how often people are trying certain terms, and for keyword researching Google AdWords or Google keyword planner is the more popular tool or you can also download keyword everywhere extension in chrome that shows you all related keywords or more searched keywords whenever you search anything on chrome.

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Step4:- Get Traffic/Views To Your Blog

There are a lot of ways from which you can get visitors or traffic to your blog like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Google SEO, Instagram, Guest Blogging, Email Drops, Forums, Snapchat, and so much more. The biggest tip that I want to give you is to start with one traffic source, most people want to go everywhere and usually end up just sucking at everything that’s why we tell my followers to try to instead of sucking at everything master of one thing. So the next question that probably you have is how do I find the perfect traffic source on my blog. Tons of different factors that you can consider here, including competition, type of platforms and demographics of the target platform, and more.

So making this simple here is my thought on the top 5 traffic sources that are Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Step5:- Build a Subscriber FanClub

The truth about Blogging is that most people are never gonna buy your products until they’ve built up a certain level of trust with you and the best place to build that trust is by Email. We have tracked the data on Clickmeter, and I found that email lists provide us much better purchase rates than just linking our products on our blog. An email list is one of the most valuable assets you have as a blogger, and setting it up is not as hard as you think.

The basic formula is that:-

  • Create a Lead Magnet

-simple download

Checklist or simple guide

  • Add OPT INS to Your Blog
  • Create an Automated Email Sequence

Your Blog is now all set up, it’s beautifully designed. Now it’s time to make money.

Step6:- Learn the 5 different ways to make money Blogging

We’re gonna do now is we’re gonna go over an overview of these different ways and then we’re gonna walk through which steps you should start with a kind of what phases of Blogging Journey.

  • Ads

They are few different types, the first thing you probably know about our display ads, these are ads you’re scrolling through content, and then you’ll see an ad for something. Another term is pay-per-click because somebody clicks it until you get paid. The second type of AD is sponsored content, this is when a big company pays you to write a review or something about their products. The third type of ad is a giveaway, this is very similar to sponsor content, but instead of the company paying you they give you their product for free.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where you earn money by promoting a person’s product or service. So let’s say you write a post about your top 5 favorite books, on whatever topic your blog is about what you can do is you can link those books in the blog posts and link them to a shopping website’s product that you are going to promote. When somebody clicks and checks out that book and when they buy that product by blog post link, you get a commission from that shopping website.

  • Sell your Own Digital Products

We can sell our digital products and services on our blog. There are a few different, first are ebooks, these are electronic books like Kindle downloads there are printable and workbooks where people can purchase a printable that you’ve created and print them out and use it for themselves something like a journal or a workbook.

  • Sell Physical Products

You can sell physical products also on your blog, and on WordPress, it’s quite easy. Download one or two plugins and your site have all Add to Cart option and buy an option, and payment option as well.

  • Services

Speaking Engagements, Digital Marketing Services, Dog walking, Speaking Engagements for Dogs, Coaching, Virtual help, and Freelancing Writing, and any other service you can sell on your blog. To sell services in which you’re experienced and make money easily.

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Step7:- Start with Ads and Sponsored Posts

The first thing that we see bloggers doing when they first start their website is usually running around, trying to throw up Google Adsense on their website to make a quick buck. The problem is that the reality of your ad earnings is probably gonna fall pretty short of your expectations. When we did the first time I remember we threw up these ads and we thought were you’re gonna get a ton of money coming in automatically per month because we had a decent readership. So when you will start your blog first regularly update posts for at least a month and get some visitors, then after you get the benefit of applying ads.

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