How to Make Money by Typing? Try Very Easy One and Earn $999

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Typing income Sources

I’m going to show you exactly how to make money by typing. Try a very easy one and earn $999 and you will earn 10 dollars every two minutes by simply typing with your fingers. A Quick disclaimer that 99% of people will not follow the 3 steps therefore they won’t get results, so the question is will you follow the three simple steps I’m about to show you to make 7 to 14 dollars every 2 minutes.

So I will show you the three exact websites ranking from lowest paying to high paying, that will pay you seven to fourteen dollars every two minutes then I’m going to show you this special tool you will need so that you don’t have to do all the hard work and then as a bonus which you’re going to want to stay until the end of this blog, I’m going to show you how to automate income while you sleep.

So let’s jump over to the tool that you will need and this is called Google Translator, so you will need this tool because this tool is going to do all the hard work for you so there are companies out there which I’m going to show you the three websites that will pay you to transcribe audio.

So meaning when they’re going to send you an audio file or video and all you have to do is type what you hear but this tool right here is going to type it for you all you have to do is go to Google Translator type it in or do it your phone and as you too see there’s a little audio button right at the bottom.

I have been asked a lot of questions that “How to Make Money by Typing?”, so i wrote this article, read and choose any one website and start your earning.

If your computer doesn’t have a microphone, you can use your phone, but you’re going to let your computer listen to the audio file or your phone listen to the audio file so that when that audio is playing right there’s a video playing Words or an audio file playing words it’s going to type out exactly what is being said.

Now here’s the caveat: the transcription companies pay double and even triple if you can transcribe foreign languages like Spanish, French, Russian and others write anything other than English if you can transcribe those languages then they will pay you double triple sometimes even quadruple.

You know all different languages and you don’t even have to speak those languages or understand those languages if you use the tool right here that I’m showing you Google Translator that’s exactly why I pulled up this tool because let’s say you know you’re transcribing Spanish and they’re going to pay you $7 per minute.

Now the first company that will pay you to do transcription is

Now this company you know businesses go here, that maybe they need a video that’s transcribed. So if someone can read along as they’re watching the video right, those companies are going to pay three to seven dollars per minute. All right now the transcriptionist is getting paid that money.

So what you can do is go to you can scroll down to the bottom,  you will see right in the about and they have freelancers that’s what you’re going to be doing you’re going to be a freelancer.

So you can choose when you want to work, choose when you want to do this, and get paid to do it. So freelancing jobs work from home with Rev is best. Now you can create a flexible work schedule there freelancing a job allows you to work as much as you want or as little as you want so you can earn as much as you want.

Some days if you don’t feel like working, you don’t have to do it. There are going to be hundreds of jobs to choose from and you get paid weekly. So you receive weekly payouts via PayPal so you will need a PayPal account.

You know you can be a transcriptionist, the range of pay is twenty-four cents to ninety cents per video minute, but that’s just for English if you go down here if you know a foreign language well. You don’t have to know if you could just use Google Translator, they can pay you upwards of three dollars per video minute and sometimes even higher.

So this is the first site that you’re going to to apply. So you just sign up to be a Rev freelancer. It has featured this in the penny hoarder So this is a very legit site you can use to make money online by being a transcriptionist and using Google Translator as your tool.


Now, this is the second site it’s called So this is one of the top-rated sites again, you know it was on the penny hoarder lots of other sites that are talking about and how good of a site it is to make money.

Now the top monthly earnings here are about two thousand two hundred pretty good dollars. 

But the next site that I’m going to show you pay even more. They have a higher monthly earning but this is a good backup to have you know you sign up with rev as a freelancer maybe you do a few jobs and you want to diversify and get some more. You can come to transcribe me, set up a profile here, and do foreign transcriptions using the Google Translator tool.

So again scroll down no experience or upfront investment and you don’t even know you need to know a foreign language because I showed you the tool that you can use to make more money, triple or quadruple.

You know they have a payment plan we pay regularly and securely via PayPal and you can keep track of your earnings in the dashboard. So again come to transcribeme set up a profile and there you go now this is the highest paying site.


This is the third site right here we called this speak write calmly speak write now you can earn upwards of three thousand four hundred dollars per month, that’s a pretty good side income right there. I mean an extra three grand that you can invest in or you can spend on a pleasant trip or whatever it is you want maybe you have a mortgage to pay or you have bills to pay.

Maybe you need some extra groceries you can pay that with thirty-four hundred a month okay that’s pretty good. So this site probably pays the most and again does foreign transcriptions and you could get paid even more.

So set up an account on this site then you have three accounts, but here’s the thing this reminds me of when I first got started with my first job. Now the reason I chose this job was that it paid the most alright, I wanted to make the most money right off the bat without having a college degree or any experience I didn’t have any experience and no college degrees. 

So I said what this place pays above minimum wage, they pay a few bucks above minimum wage; it was like ten dollars an hour. That was my mentality going into this, I wanted something fast and something that could pay me right now but the problem is with this mentality is that this would never get me to financially free, doing this was just going to help me pay some bills maybe some car insurance.

But it would not help me be financially independent and be able to save up hundreds of thousands of dollars to eventually retire at a young age, this would not do that because I had the mentality of well, I just want to make money right now.

So I changed my mindset. I need to build something right now, that will take me a month or two, but I’ll be able to generate more money than I’m making at my job. My nine-to-five and this is when I started my business, my online business and then the first six months I made three hundred fifty-five thousand dollars, that was life-changing money for me because, I wasn’t making over 35 K at this nine-to-five that despised.

But then I made in the first six months more than my parents, more than any of my family has seen and I made that in six months now how was I able to do that it’s because I set up an online business that was selling products and services while I was sleeping.

While I was sleeping, I didn’t actively be there right sometimes you don’t feel like showing up to work sometimes you get out of bed and you’re tired; you don’t want to have to go to work well. If you need, if you want the Paycheck right but if you have an online business, you don’t have to be at work every single moment of the day right because the business is working for you but it takes time to build the system.

Now you’re probably wondering that going to be a how do I set up a business like this. You’re also going to get access to a business builder challenge where it walks you take day one. You know nothing today except fifteen where you earn.

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