how he became a successful richest person of the world: Jeff Bezos
Full biography of the richest person of world Jeff Bezos

1.jeff Bezos family and starting business

Jeff Bezos was born in January 1964. When he was born, his mother was only 17 years old, at that time his mother used to go to school. All of this happened due to the mother’s early pregnancy. But from the birth of Jeff Bezos at a very young age, he was writing a Vice President at a merchant banking company and that too by 1990.

At that time the boom of the internet was about to come, so at that time they thought that the future is going to change, this banking will continue to run but if the boom of the Internet once passed by hand, then later it will not be able to recover again.

At the same time, he had resigned from the position of Vice President and started his own company called Amazon South America’s popular and most exonerated Amazon. Amazon used to sell books in starting and in 1997 Amazon dropped its IPO, IPS in starting was not very good.

Jeff Bezos faced problems and moved on, and along with books in his company Amazon gradually moved on to new products. Jeff Bezos said that the customer is our king, we are his subjects. He used to experiment a lot with his employee, do whatever he thought, even if it is not ready yet, but if 70% has been done, then remove it and do research later and improve it further.

Jeff Bezos pulled out Amazon Prime which made a big reason for his success. When Jeff Bezos thought of Amazon Prime, he left it 111 days later, because of what happened, he gave the same-day delivery, first-day delivery and many more things and people used to spend money with Amazon and Amazon gave them more Provide more services.

2.How Jeff Bezos became a billionaire

Jeff Bezos has become the most common man in the world today. Geoff Bezos is the world’s first billion. Centribillonaire means 100 billion, and Jeff Bezos earns 112 billion dollars. Bill Gates, who was in the first place, has now come in second place, which has earned $ 90 billion.

Jeff Bezos has such a good personal net worth that even if the GDP of 125 countries is emphasized, the personal net worth is higher than Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon from a ground garage and today has made Amazon one of the world’s largest jumbo brands.

How can a man make so much money from a garage with his intelligence? This is because Jeff Bezos went on to make good products on time, bought new companies on time, made investments in some companies at the same time so that his net worth also increased on his own.

Some of the companies that have invested are Google, Uber, Bussiness Insider, Twitter, Workday, Grail, and Lookout. Some of the companies that Amazon invested in –, BankBazaar, Easybar, Some of the companies that Amazon bought are Holfoodsmarket, Twitch, Audible, Zappos, IMDB, The Washington Post, and Good’s Reads.

The Washington Post is the most famous newspaper in the US. Jeff Bezos has started so many of his Amazon websites, Such as, Amazon Prime, Consumer Electronics, Amazon Game Studios, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Go, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Wireless.

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