Biography of Albert Einstein: A Brilliant Scientist

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biography of Albert Einstein

Today I am going to telling you about the Biography of Albert Einstein.


Albert Einstein has been the smartest person in human life who dominated the world of science for the first 20 years of the 20th century. He gave the principle of space, time and gratitude based on his discoveries. He was such a popular man that when he Even when Einstein went on tour, people stopped him and started asking about his theory. You will be surprised to hear that one Albert Einstein was not so intelligent always, but in his childhood, in his school life, he used to call them all Mumbudhi, we will give you more life in school life.

Albert Einstein changed the entire physics itself. His father’s name was Herman Einstein, who was also an engineer and salesman, he was born on 30 August 1847 and on 10 October 1902, at the age of 55, we Called everyone Alvida. Albert Einstein’s mother’s name was Pauline Einstein, who was born on February 8, 1858, at the age of 62. When Einstein was born, he was married to his head. It was quite a problem.

Albert Einstein was also offered the presidency of Israel, but he politely declined. The US government was so afraid of Einstein’s talent that he put his spies behind him so that his research No wrong experiment could be done that could be harmful to the country, even a pathologist stole Einstein’s mind during 100 trials so that he Sector intellectual can detect the Albert Einstein’s famous equation of relativity and mass Using this formula was used to create primarily atomic bomb for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

1.Child life  

He was different from other children only from Suru, he did not do any work at all like small children and lived in a very calm manner. One more thing was in him that a child would start speaking in one or one and a half years of birth. But he had spent about 4 years and could not speak well for about 9 years, due to which his parents started worrying about his future. He did not like to play at all, he was keeping his own separate world. He was always waiting for the Sunday because his father used to take him every Sunday to a quiet place. And he used to sit and think about Einstein Per, plants and this whole universe. He used to think about how this world works.

Albert Einstein was very good at studying because it takes us years to understand, that means here I am talking about mathematics, which we do not understand at all because there are so many concepts, formulas, rules, proofs and many more things in it. It is in this that Einstein mastered and not only in Maths but also in Maths and Physics, in which he made a new product of his own. The state was made perfect and physics not only gained mastery but also gave us more information about this world, taught us to see this world from a different perspective. I did not like and due to this Albert Einstein once failed in the entrance exam.


He started going to school very late due to his physical shortcomings and lack of speech. The boy used to think of school as a prison. He believed that a school is a place where no one is free. This thought was also due to the fact that they did not easily accept the things told by their teachers, because they thought that what the teachers are teaching, the whole thing is still incomplete. And that’s why they used to cross-examine him in a very strange way, because of which the teachers also used to be very upset and irritated by them, and Einstein was just beginning to call him a teacher. Due to Einstein, he felt that his old age had not been developed yet.

And once Einstein asked in the matter how we can develop our old man. On Albert Einstein’s question, his teacher replied in only one line that practice is the key to success. And when he came to know from that very day, Albert Einstein determined that he would show himself as a successful person on the strength of practice from today. Einstein changed his life on the strength of practice. Albert Einstein really showed that by doing this he mastered mathematics and physics from practice. Albert Einstein used to prepare the entire plan by thinking the entire research in his mind, which was more accurate than his laboratory. Today, Albert Einstein has contributed immensely to the inventions that we are getting from the Internet sitting at home. He showed that even a brainless person can do anything in this world on the strength of hard work, courage, and perseverance.


Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Ulm Salt Sehr, Germany. Albert Einstein dedicated his entire life to make humanity better and more successful, and on 18 April 1955, at the age of 76, he said goodbye to this world. Even today we remember Albert Einstein because he did something different from us and immortalized his name as he practiced that you too can be successful in your life, just like you also have to practice continuously like Albert Einstein. With certainty.

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