Anglo Sikh Wars: Great Historical War

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great historical war


First Anglo-Sikh War (1845-46)

During this period, the Sikh power was growing in the North-West region of Punjab. The British made a peace treaty with Maharaja Ranjit Singh to check his growing power, After his death, there was a lot of infighting amongst Sikhs.

      The Sikhs had built up a strong army against the British and Afghan aggressions. When the British attacked, the united forces of Punjab- Hindus, Muslim, and Sikh, faced the huge British army bravely. But Prime Minister Lal Singh and commander Tej Singh turned traitors and the Lahore. The British occupied Jullander Doab and handed Jammu and Kashmir to Raja Gulab Singh Dogra.

Second Anglo-Sikh War (1848-49)

The British wanted complete control of Punjab by ending the Sikh kingdom. The immediate cause of this war was the exile of Lal Singh on charges of conspiracy. Lord Dalhousie, the greatest annexation, attacked Punjab and made it a part of British India in 1849.

The British started consolidating their power by limiting the powers of the Indian princes and building a stronger army in India.

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