Make money online from home without investment?

Make money online from home?

Today I telling you about ways to make money online from home without investment. You can make money from google. So, if you want to produce money online externally investment of money from your own pocket than read my article based on five ways to gain money online from home without expense. So, let’s start my article ideas to create money online from home without investment.


If you want to earn from home, then you make money online from home and the best way is to create a blog. In Blogger you can depend on how much attention you are giving to it. Now it comes to how to make a blog. Y’all will get millions of videos on YouTube, but I Let me tell you straight. You have to open a blogger directly, And you have the option to create your blog. You have to click on it. And sign in and ask themes and many things to fill you all, And your blog will be ready. So I understand that Blogger is the best. The way to earn money. You just have to keep blogging constantly. You can watch videos on YouTube for more information.


Amazon, Flipkart and thousands of such companies also with their own affiliate marketing Let us first understand what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing. There are three types of parties involved. The first one is merchants like Amazon, Flipkart and many more. And second is affiliate which means all of us who do affiliate marketing. Merchants sell their products through the affiliate of the affiliate. The job of the affiliate is to tell the consumer about the product in different ways. If the merchant’s product is sold, If you buy the products of the merchant, then the officer means that we all get a commission from them and we have income. Now it comes to know how to register yourself in affiliate marketing I will tell you. If you go to any site like amazon, Flipkart, policy bazaar, then you will be an affiliate marketer.


If you want, you can also become a freelancer. Its most famous site is, in this, you must register first. Then you have to post your job, how much do you know about your education. You will have to give all your information, according to that he will give you work. Money is also earned by typing in it because it is seen how quickly you finish your work, it is also seen if you finish your work soon. If you do, you will be given maximum work and according to that, you will continue to get money for every job. Even today people are earning millions of rupees from freelancers. If you are new, I will adjust you to work as much as possible so that you can do that much work.


You can also earn from YouTube. You can make the channel your own for whatever interest you have. That is to say that you suck one category and keep putting videos on that continuously. Increase your likes. If your video view becomes 1 thousand on YouTube then your Monetization is to be done, then just as your view and subscription will increase, you will give you YouTube money. In order to make money, you must first link the link of YouTube with your video, after which you will see your video, then the ad in the middle. You will come and when the ad is running, you will get the money for the same ad.


Social media marketing is a very fast-growing industry in today’s time. People are earning lakhs of rupees per month. Your work will depend on how much you can earn. Even after working two to four hours as a part-time job, you can earn at least three to six thousand per month easily sitting at home. You can know in-depth and continuously keep working full time in this field. You can get it easily and in the future, you can earn a lot of money from this area. In the starting period, you can earn money sitting at home by sharing the content or product of any websites for free on social media. After earning, you can proceed in this field by doing an online course.

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