Best Family Web Series | 10 Awesome web series to watch with your family.

10 awesome family web series

We collect some Hindi crime thriller, comedy, etc. web series that you must watch with your family with an IMDB rating and review. I can claim that the whole web series will be very good for you and your family. I have watched over half of this series with my family, so I recommend you watch all these web series with your family.I am also providing you a direct link to the IMDB website with this series, on which you will be taken to the IMDB website along with the web series as soon as you click on it.

1. Pitcher

    IMDB Rating – 9.2

This is a web series on business startups. If your family Is believed in business or If your mostly family members are a businessman then you have to watch this web series with your family. In this series, you see how a person working hard to build his/her business. 

   2. Yeh Meri Family

       IMDB Rating– 9.2

This web series follows the point of view of the 12 years of Harshu Gupta and his family. In this series, you see what trials and tribulations are experienced by Harshu Gupta and his family.

So, I recommend watching this web series with your family and see what type of problems comes in the family and a 12-year-old child Harshu Gupta.

3. Kota Factory

    IMDB Rating- 9.1

In this web series, about the coaching of Kota and a boy Vaibhav Pandey’s studies have been shown it. Vaibhav Pandey who come to first-time Kota for his higher studies first wanted to get admission in Maheshwari coaching as he had been hearing about her before, but due to lack of admission in Maheshwari, he takes admission in prodigy coaching and there are new friends with whom he has a lot of fun. In this web series, all it has shown the truth about how coaching goes in Kota and how a student studies by going to Kota. I will recommend that if you see the students in a group of friends, then you will enjoy it even more.

4. Gullak

    IMDB Rating- 9.1

In this web series, you are shown the story of a middle-class family. If you also belong to a middle-class family, then you will feel that in this web series your family’s story is being shown.

I have also seen this web series with my family, so I recommend that you also watch this series with your family.

5. Panchayat

    IMDB Rating- 8.8

If you love your village very much or you are waiting for your holidays so that you can go to your village, then this web series is excellent for you. Magadhi (Maghi or Tethi) Bhasa has been used in this entire web series, which is spoken in our villages. If you go to your village, you can watch this movie with the elders about them, they are also going to enjoy it by watching this web series. In this web series, you will feel that my village is being shown and all this happens in my village.

6. Special Ops

    IMDB Rating- 8.6

In this web series, you are going to have a lot of fun because in this you can see the strength of the Raw of India, in which the Raw of India captures an enormous terrorist of Pakistan, who has a lot of hands-on huge blasts. His task force team of five agents living in various parts of the world aims to catch the mastermind.

7. The Family Man

    IMDB Rating- 8.6

In this web series, you will see the story of Shrikant Tiwari who belongs to a middle-class family who works as a Senior Analyst in Fictional Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC).

What problems do they have to face when they do their work in the office while maintaining the house?

8. Delhi Crime

    IMDB Rating- 8.5/10

After watching this web series, your respect for the police will increase even more. It based the Delhi Crime web series on a 2012 gang rape case that took place in South Delhi’s Marika.

In this, it task Deputy Commissioner of Police Vartika Chaturvedi to apprehend the culprits.

9. Asur

    IMDB Rating- 8.4

In this web series, you will be seen in a very good role as Arshad Warsi. In this, Arshad Warsi is a CBI officer whose serial killer or ASUR who is Nikhil Nair has to be found. You are going to have a lot of fun in this web series because you are going to see a lot of suspense in it. This web series, you must definitely watch if you are a fan of the crime thriller web series, because you have to show a lot of crime thrillers in it.

10. The Forgotten Army – Azadi ke liye

       IMDB Rating- 8.0

In this web, you will get to see the story of those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom, but today we all have forgotten them, they do not even know that there were other people who supported us in the country’s freedom and they’re Also offered a sacrifice. So you must watch this web series because after watching it, you will have respect for the military brothers of our country.

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